Toddler Program

Young Toddler Program and Toddler Program (18 - 24 months):

The routine is flexible and is adjusted to meet the needs of the toddlers.  They begin to eat, sleep, and play at the same time.  During this time we begin to transition the children from bottles to sippy or straw cups. 

The children are introduced to colors, numbers, shapes and letters. The children are encouraged to play cooperatively with other children.  We praise them continuously.  We communicate with them as much as possible and encourage them to use words .  Children are given opportunities to explore and learn through age appropriate toys.

What we will do:

  1. Play with your child and show affection.
  2. Talk to your child and teach them sharing concept.
  3. Provide safe places for your child to explore and play in indoors and outdoors.
  4. Turn everyday routines into playful and learning moments.
  5. Follow your child’s interests.
  6. Provide health, home cooked and USDA approved meals.

Stay calm when your child is upset to make them feel safe and comfortable