Meals and Snacks

Meals and snacks we provide Each day we provide three to four nutritious and well balanced USDA approved meals.

We provide:

  • 9:00am- Breakfast
  • 10:30am- Morning snack (Depends on what they eat for breakfast)
  • 11:55pm- Lunch
  • 3:40pm- Afternoon snack

Water is offered throughout the day and on demand. The meals and snacks for each week vary. We ensure that children will receive a well-balanced diet.  The children are offered the food and we help them if they need help to finish it.  We make sure any child is never starve.

The sample menu is as follows.
MONDAY Cereal + Milk Fruit or Cracker or Fruit Juice Mac n cheese + Broccoli + Fruit + Milk Cheetos + Cracker + Milk
TUESDAY Pancake + Syrup + Milk Fruit or Cracker or Fruit Juice Spinach and carrot Rice + Egg + Fruit + Milk Fruit Yogurt
WEDNESDAY Cereal + Milk Fruit or Cracker or Fruit Juice Noodles + Chicken Nuggets (or cheese stick) + Carrot + Fruit + Milk Apple Sauce + Cracker
THURSDAY Waffles + Syrup + Milk Fruit or Cracker or Fruit Juice Pasta and Sauce + Cheese stick + Fruit + Milk Fruit Yogurt
FRIDAY Oatmeal + Milk Fruit or Cracker or Fruit Juice Cheese sandwich or some other variety + Chicken nuggets (cheese stick) + Fruit + Milk Pudding + Cracker

  1. Fruit will vary depending on children’s demand.  The fruits will be one  of the fruits in the list but not limited to the list :  Banana, Apple , Pears, Grapes, Kiwi, cantaloupe, watermelon, strawberry or orange.

  2. I will email report everyday what they ate so you will know for sure.  But due to some reason if you want to avoid some fruit please email me or let me know when you drop off in the morning.

  3. The main food will be mostly same.

Note: Please let us know if the child is allergic to any type of food or fruits in particular or if you want to avoid any food items.