Infant program

Infant Program (3 months to 12 months):

All babies are different.  They enter the world with their own special personalities.  Every moment with an infant is precious and we take advantage of that.  We rock, talk, and play with your developing infant in an environment designed to make them feel safe, secure and happy.

Babies make strong connections with the people who care for them. This relationship is important to their health growth and development.  As babies grow, they begin to learn to use words to communicate their needs, and they become more mobile- sitting up, rolling, crawling and walking.

What we will do:

  1. Get to know your baby.
  2. Hold and comfort your baby when she cries
  3. Talk to your baby.
  4. Play with your baby.
  5. Place your baby on his back to sleep.
  6. Read, sing and tell stories.